• Florentina Bernadette

The destiny of 1983


The 25th of June, 1983, still remains a cheerful nostalgic day for the Cricketing world of India. I was born about 10 years from then, and had no idea what the fuss was all about. Of course, I understood how great the nation felt when the Indian cricket team led by the legend Kapil Dev lifted the Prudential World Cup for the first time in history, but I did not understand why my dad kept saying that ‘it was destiny.’

Thanks to Star Sports’ relays of the match, I did watch the epic second innings of that World Cup Final. As I relaxed with a big tasty piece of a triple-layered (custard, chocolate and caramel) homemade cake, I listened to my dad’s nostalgic commentary. He exclaimed with full excitement at Kapil Dev’s backward sprint to get Vivian Richard’s wicket, the tension that built up with the rising Indies partnership before Mohinder Amarnath broke it with a stunning low-paced ball, and how they waited to see the skipper lift the cup that day.

To me, the match was a pleasing tranquil event that had happened in the past – one that I was glad to have had the chance to watch. To dad, the match was a sentimental ‘call of destiny’ – one that he had lived through.

PS: The amazing triple-layered cake was made by Chef Angel, my cousin. You can know more about her @ https://www.instagram.com/foodograph__/