• Florentina Bernadette

The Cheesy Way Out Of A Writer’s Block

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We’ve all been there and done that, haven’t we?

When I had started writing for a profession, I loved doing my job so much that I thought, “Huh? A Writer’s Block? That’s never going to happen to me!”

But lo and behold- it did!

No, this isn’t the first time I’ve had a Writer’s Block. It comes and goes after every long blog I keyed in or after every time I thought hard on a copy.

But this time was different.

Different how?

Simply because I realized that I was in the phase of having a “Writer’s Block.”

The Before

You see, before the pandemic locked us down, I didn’t care much about the ‘Block.’ In fact, I hadn’t even realized it while I was going through it.

It’s quite typical. I simply and unknowingly just did what so many other blogs instructed us authors, content writers, and copywriters to do.

  • Step away from your desk!

  • Have some me-time!

  • Refresh. Relax. Revamp….

  • Hang out!?

And that’s where the revelation came crashing down on me on the 8th of June, 2021- hang out?

The Now

Going outside, seeing new places and faces, and just doing something that wasn’t a part of my 24-hour routine had been my go-to activity, whenever I was faced with Writer’s block.

It was easy. It was almost effortless.

And now, it wasn’t even an option.

I struggled with hours of having to hit the backspace key and a couple of guilty nights.

What do I do to break my routine amidst a pandemic? It had to be something as effortless as stepping outside had been.

As I thought, I craved. :P

For ice cream and waffles, for Kaju Katlis and Kachoris, for a mouth-watering pizza!

As silly as it sounds, that’s all I needed- one cheesy pizza was enough to break my quarantine routine.

A Cheesy Conclusion

The smallest of things can make the biggest of differences – what matters is how you see it. If you’re someone phasing through a Writer’s Block (or any kind of block for that matter) and are unable to do the things you’d normally do to make yourself feel better, just remember that your child’s laughter can, your husband’s voice can, that flower blooming in your garden can, the bird singing outside your window can, a cheesy pan pizza can. You can.