• Florentina Bernadette

Love Awaited

#Poetry #Love #DivineLove #GodsLove

A gloomy and cloudy scene along the stretch of the blue sea taken from the shore lines with dark rocks, with the sun just breaking the far horizon.

When darkness births the nights untouched,

When a soul waits for the devours adjudged,

When willingness transcends the hope incurred,

When the heart though speaks goes unheard,

When randomness coveys the deeds remembered,

When the mind overwhelms the thoughts not rendered,

When illness sweeps the solemn times exempted,

When the spirit seeks that Divinity foregone yet expected,

When wilderness mounts over the storms alighted,

The horizon doth glimmer as time strides and Love awaited.


‘Love Awaited’ was written in light of portraying the turmoil that a man goes through during his darkest times. However, no matter what the scene is on the outside, we should always remember that the sun is rising over the horizon of life and the light will cast away every darkness. If you don’t see the light yet, wait as does God, Who is all Love awaits us.