• Florentina Bernadette

Dreams coming true

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Toward the end of 2019, social media were flooded with posts that read, ‘marked safe during the wedding wave of 2019.’ The year 2020 was expected to be a much bigger wave – a tsunami with engagements and weddings, I had expected – and I still do.

And, I was ready for it. I had a list of friends who might end up tying the knot this year. I was already seizing opportunities to get some festive clothes and accessorize them, just so that I don’t have to repeat them – a typical girl’s ideology.

Every little girl dreamt about the ‘big day’ – irrespective of all those other boundaries around us, the dream is somewhat mutual; a chance to a happily ever after.

Was that the only thing we dreamt about? NO!

When I was about eleven years old, our family decided to go on a trip to Ooty, a beautiful town built over the Western mountain range that lines parts of Tamil Nadu. I had no idea that the trip would lead to discovering my most passionate dream.

We stayed at this amazing resort, the Mystic Ville, that was built in a little valley. Across the huge open grounds around the resort, were tea plantations and pine trees that lined the Nilgiri range surrounding the valley.

One morning, as we lazed around with jerkins and shrugs in the warmth of the cool morning sun, we spotted some bison grazing over a hilltop, not very far away. We knew they wouldn’t come at us, but we entertained the silly idea and laughed over it. As we laughed, my dad randomly made up this little poem about the bison. The last lines said, ‘the bulls had stopped long ago, but with adventure we had a go.’

I took to writing since then. This blog has been my dream for over 14 years; now, it has been realized. A happily ever after.

Keep believing in dreams,

Parallel Lines


PS. Photo courtesy: Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexles