• Florentina Bernadette

Are we F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

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This is a heart-warming sitcom, one that you could binge on a trillion times. Lucky are those who had gotten to live through the live telecasts from 1994. Luckier still are we, who fell in love with six incredible people who never grew old.

We have probably read a whole lot of blogs and commentaries about why Friends is a great show, but here is what I have learned through the series.

We wake up these days, with our routines and schedules before us and run after them throughout the day. We are constantly pressurized to perform and to outperform the people around us. Sadly enough, we tend to forget that this person, whom we are trying to compete with, may just end up being a friend.

What if Monica thought that introducing Rachel to the others and letting her hang out with them, would lessen her importance? What if Phoebe went on a quest to prove that Ross’ belief in evolution was wrong? What if Joey envied Chandler for being a successful professional who was with a beautiful woman?

Most of us hardly have any time for the real friends. We make friends at college and call them classmates, and some at work and call them colleagues. Where are those real F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

The ones that you can share the deepest, darkest secret and know that it is not going to turn into a rumour? The ones that you can tell the most shameful incident that had happened to? The ones that will hear you out through that shameful story and not laugh at you, but instead hug you and tell you that it is going to be okay? The ones that will definitely remember that story and mock you sarcastically when you’re all smiles again? The ones that will hold your hand and say, ‘I’ll be there for you?’

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